Sunday, August 26, 2018

Importance of Voting in Indian Country, USA

By now Indian Country, USA knows that little or nothing will get done under this current presidential administration.  Plus, the president nominates key positions that directly impact all of Indian Country, USA. The president has put into place adverse executive orders, like oil pipelines which are opposed by Indian Country, USA. And the president has opened up National Parks for oil and mining companies.

What has been done under Republican Controlled Congress?  The Republicans put into place sequestration the cutting of budgets for Native Federal Programs, stole sacred tribal lands from the San Carlos Indian Reservation and now a nominee for associate Supreme Court Judge all Natives and Tribes need to contact your US Senator; for the nominee, will be under question by US Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Indian Country,  USA needs to telephone, write letters, flood the social media that Alaska Natives and Native Americans Oppose or Support Brett Cavanaugh.  The GOP has forgotten the working people and covering special interest groups the Democratic Party needs to work for all people and stop the adverse executive orders and breaching Trust Responsibility and Tribal Sovereignty.  Seek waiver if the Republican sequestration putting into place 100% Federal Funding for all Native Programs.

Why vote? Those that are seeking political office are seeking your vote.  More importantly, across Indian Country seeking to get into office and this is where you vote counts.  Plus, we need to vote for those that we vote for will be creating legislation, policies, laws that have a direct impact upon our lives and our very existence.   

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