Saturday, February 10, 2018

Creating better World for Indian Country, USA

From Ourselves, Creating a Better World for Indian Country, USA


Terrance H. Booth, Sr. (Neesh Wil Gum – Keeper of Gun Power)

The real People of North American, know what fully faces them on a daily basis.  They confront daily the real problems that exist since this country America was formed. Today those that govern us as people have stolen sacred lands of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and recently opened up national monuments for mining; some lands deem sacred to Native American People.  Current President has written adverse executive orders that have environmentally impacts America’s Indigenous People.  Congress has grossly by passed tribal sovereignty and trust responsibility yet existing Native American laws in place that suppose to give full consultation to Native Americans.  The current majority party of Congress have forgotten the people that they supposedly serve and pay more attention to special interest groups who directly funded their campaign.

This writer remembers Congress reading the US Constitution; it needs to be re-read underling “we the people.”  Further, existing written policies on tribal sovereignty and trust responsibility need to be restated to end and prevent any adverse legislation fully imposing tribal consultation.

Native life’s matter, end the killing, murdering and trafficking of our Native American Women and Men  Fully impact all of the media, social media tools and amass public hearings at State, Counties, Cities and Towns to full make known that we Natives no longer tolerant any death of our Indigenous People.  This for the well-being of existing Native families.

Start educating all peoples starting a pre-school, middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities.  This writer noted on Twitter that Harvard University being 378 years old finally hired a Native American Professor.  Start a Native American curriculum for all levels of education to give the true tribal history, stories, songs to promote understanding and create a truly livable world  where all races can be in unity and harmony.
All this writing is to bring an end to racism, mis-understandings, to gain direct insight of all Native cultures of North American’s Indigenous People.  If Gandhi as one person leading the way for independence of India from British rule; we have existing tribal leadership pulling  us to new levels of economic development happening across Indian Country, USA.  We can do this for the good of our future Indigenous generation

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